Stuart took his life for love...but that was only the beginning.

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Philophobia - Official Trailer #1

Love is Hell. But for Stuart, Hell is love.

Torment, inbound

The only thing worse than losing your life for having it hunt you down. In this fast-paced action platformer, navigate the bowels of Hell and escape the torment of love. Because it WANTS you to suffer.

  • 100+ levels of Hell
  • 25+ demons of love
  • 4 Hellish Landscapes
  • Hours of fear
  • Lots of feels

Portals into Hell

The only thing more terrifying than being haunted by your greatest fear, is having to face it.

The Internet Spreads The Fear

Down in the depths these creatures don't just create the chaos, they feed on it.

Questions? Fear not.

Think you can handle a Hell of a lot of hearts? If you've got questions, ask away.

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